About larvae

Feeding the larvae

Insects and in particular maggots are capable to convert organic co-products components into valuable nutrients finally resulting in high quality protein products. Most of these co-products are unfit for human or production-animal consumption, but are attractive as insect feed.

Feedstock from organic co-products therefor play an important role in insect nutrition. The variety of available feedstock is huge. Many feedstock are financially attractive and available in large quantities, in particular in urban areas.

The Amusca system distinguishes between the feeding of flies, L1 larvae and L2/L3 larvae. The food for flies and L1 larvae is provided by Amusca. These are small quantities in 25 kg bags or big-bags. 

For the L2/L3 larvae much more food is needed. Approximately 5000 kg per three days. Products from, for example, the beer industry or the sugar industry can be used for this purpose.