Amusca Insect Breeding Module

Produce high quality animal feed on site

  • Rich Proteins
  • High Return on Investment
  • Sustainable
  • Scalable
  • Safe

The Amusca Insect Breeding Module produces daily a mix of 5 tonnes of larvae, crude fibre and minerals. With the Amusca Insect Breeding Module we offer you the possibility to produce insect larvae in a safe and stable way. The system is scalable and cost-effective, allowing you to run it with relatively limited investment.

Depending on your desired production capacity, more modules can be installed at any time, reducing your investment risk and payback time.


Whether on farm or large feed producing sites, the modular system makes it possible to adjust your required production capacity at any time, thus reducing your investment risk and the payback time.

Planet Friendly

Insects are quite efficient with the resources of our planet.

Produce on site with regional available raw materials

The insect larvae production is possible anywhere and at any time where sufficient co-products are available. From a sustainability perspective, Amusca promotes producing at the site where the larvae are needed.

Natural use of Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungi qualities of larvae

The production process is engineered to take advantage of the antibacterial qualities of the larvae during the larvae breeding process. Bacterial, viral and fungi related processes are immediately cut out during production. Bacteria, viruses and fungi at the end of the production process are expected to be well within the safety limits.

Economical benefits

With Amusca technology you an create a stable larvae production at a competitive price. Our technology converts substrates which are locally available into safe, high-quality larvae products with the aid of insects. By using our technology, you'll avoid all kind of intermediate steps, logistical costs and marketing expenditures. A perfect solution from an economical point of view.

Operating the Module

We understand that insect production is not your core business. That is why the production process is designed to operate anywhere with Amusca software and  monitoring, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

For the installation of hardware, substrate selection, module start-up, quality control, maintenance and support the local Amusca partner will offer you all the support you need.

The breeding process is managed and monitored by our cloud based software system, which is connected to your modules via the Internet. The system generates information on the performance that is 24/7 monitored by Amusca staff.

The modules are designed for continuous production. However, if and when technical issues arise that need local attention, the software system will automatically forward messages to local Amusca partners and/or certified staff of corporate clients to deal with these issues. All in close cooperation with Amusca staff.

The software algorithm

The core of the system is the software algorithm. This centre piece of our technology is based on many years of experience with the breeding of insects. Once the algorithm is tailored to your local circumstances you profit from the experiences. Our experts use the information from to continiously improve the algorithm and the performance of each module.

Separation into two valuable products

Use GMP substrates to feed larvae and avoid waste products. Add a separation process to produce two valuable products for further processing. The first product is a 100% larvae product, the second stream is a mixture of Crude Fiber and 10% larvae. An excellent product for the poultry industry.

How to influence the end product

The composition  is influenced by genetic variation of the Amusca produced Musca Domestica fly strain and the feed composition. In this picture you see how certain feed components in the substrates influence the ultimate product. Tell us your wishes and the local available substrates and our consultants will give you tailor-made advice.