Knowledge base


The INSECTFEED program (NWA.1160.18.1441) aims to generate high-quality fundamental knowledge on using fly larvae as animal feed in poultry production systems.  Insects can be used to convert waste streams into valuable protein for animal feed that may replace conventional soy and fishmeal that is currently used. The use of insects in feed can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the UN, such as achieving food security, improving health and well-being, sustainable production patterns, and management of resources and climate action.


A systematic literature review on the effects of mycotoxin exposure on insects and on mycotoxin accumulation and biotransformation

Edible insects unlikely to contribute to transmission of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Health of the black soldier fly and house fly under mass-rearing conditions: innate immunity and the role of the microbiome

The ethics and mindedness of insects

Use of black soldier fly and house fly in feed to promote sustainable poultry production