This Walter reduces nitrogen deposition from manure

The (patented) Walter offers farmers a solution to nitrogen problems. Larvae breeding reduced the amount of nitrogen by 76% in manure.

Both larvae and manure bring money into the market and already by reducing manure's total weight and humidity by 67.2 and 80.0, respectively.

The odour emission (characterised by 3-methylindole) drops by 94.5%, and by feeding the manure directly to the larvae, hardly any ammonia can be formed. 

The process is safe too. The Escherichia coli (E. coli) index reduces by 92.0%. 

(source: Wang et al. 2013)


Feed the healthy fresh mix direct to poultry

Poultry is an insectivore by nature and therefor love to eat healthy insect larvae. The daily production of the module is sufficient to feed 100,000 chickens. By using the right GMP substrates to feed the larvae, separation is not necessary. The diet includes suffient lipids, proteins and crude fibers. Pure the Natural Way!

Feed a dried mix to poultry

An excellent alternative to feed poultry. Add a drying process to the insect breeding module that fits your needs directly at the farm or at a feed producing location.


Larvae for optimal Aquaculture Feed

Our special insects bred for the aquaculture industry are rich in proteins and low in fat. Therefor, the larvae form an excellent basis material for aquaculture feed. Comparable to fishmeal, but produced in a sustainable way. Add a process that suits your needs, whether separation, drying, excruding or processing into meal and lipids to produce high value feed against substantially better economical and environmental conditions.


The larvae  form an excellent raw material for the pet industry. Rich in proteins. Add a process that suits your needs, whether separation, drying, excruding or processi

Strong similarities with fishmeal

Amino acid profile of the Musca Domestica Larvae (L3) shows strong similarities with fishmeal. If you always wanted to add fishmeal to the feed, but this was too expensive or you want to replace fishmeal because it is not sustainable, then Amusca has a perfect alternative.